The primary purpose of the battery in your Asian Import is to provide electrical energy to crank the engine during starting. Contrary to what many people think, a battery is comprised of stored chemicals, not electricity. Two different types of lead in a sulfuric acid and water mixture react with one another to produce an electrical pressure. This electro-chemical reaction changes chemical energy into electrical energy, which allows you to easily start your Asian Import.

Battery electrical energy is used to operate the starter motor and to provide current to the ignition system when you turn your key or press the start button. It is also used to operate accessory systems such as the radio, entertainment system, technology access ports, power windows, power seats, power door locks, and lighting. The battery electrical energy may also be used when a vehicle’s electrical load requirements exceed the supply from the charging system.

Additionally, the battery also serves as a voltage stabilizer by absorbing unexpected voltages from the vehicle’s electrical system. This helps protect electrical circuits and components from damage that may result from high voltages. The battery also provides emergency electrical energy for ignition, lights, and accessories if the vehicle’s charging system fails. This reserve capacity of the battery may help you get to safety in the event that your charging system fails.

Batteries can fail prematurely due to a number of conditions which can be prevented by a thorough battery inspection at Automotive Instincts. These conditions include corrosion, low fluid level, a faulty charging system, a poorly secured battery, excessive heat, and repeated cycling from fully charged to fully discharged, or dead. Corrosion on the positive and negative terminal ends and cable connections increases electrical resistance, which can reduce the available voltage and effectiveness of the charging system.

A poorly secured battery can create excessive vibrations which can loosen connections, crack the battery case, damage internal battery components, and may cause the battery terminals to come in contact with metal parts of the vehicle and short out the electrical system. Automotive Instincts will make sure your battery health is in good strong working condition for your Asian Import.

All batteries require routine maintenance to ensure the battery is in good working condition for your Asian Import

A visual inspection of the battery is a great place to start.
Automotive Instincts will inspect the battery for any leaks, cracks, or bulges in the case. Leaks will usually be made obvious by the presence of corrosion and acid reacting with whatever it touches.

An ASE certified technician at Automotive Instincts can fully test and service your battery, thereby giving you the peace of mind to drive your Asian Import without the fear that your battery may fail. Have your battery inspected, tested, and replaced if necessary, every time you have routine service performed at Automotive Instincts on your Asian Import. When properly maintained, your battery will provide up to five years of service and start your Asian Import hundreds, and even thousands of times.

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