Theft is on the rise when it comes to your Asian Imports catalytic converter. Thieves are stealing catalytic converters daily, and the cost of the repair can be thousands.

Automotive Instincts in Woodland Hills is now offering to help protect your Asian Import with the Cat Shield. The Cat Shield is a protection heavy metal shield that completely covers your catalytic converter, so the thieves will not want to spend the extra time trying to get to your catalytic converter removed from your Asian Import.

Catalytic converters contain precious metals, making them tempting targets for thieves. A thief can steal a catalytic converter in less time than it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Prius cars are particularly at risk, with late-model Toyotas and some Nissans being favorite targets as well.

Stealing a catalytic converter takes either a wrench or a cordless reciprocating saw. In some cases thieves are using mechanics dollies to slide under vehicles more easily. How Long it Takes to Steal One? About 3 minutes.

Let Automotive Instincts in Woodland Hills help to prevent these thieves from stealing your catalytic converter.
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