The Top 5 Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

When your car begins to get poor gas mileage, fails its annual emissions test, shows difficulty starting up, or even stalls or misfires, it is a fairly clear suggestion that something is wrong. Most likely, it is time to schedule a tune up and diagnostics appointment with a reputable L.A. area repair shop. Your mechanic is going to inquire  to what prompted you to make the call, and when you describe the groans, rumbles, grumbles, and problems with your car, they will want to take a look to diagnose the problem and get your car running good as new again.

When you make this call, be prepared to answer the mechanic’s basic questions right away. What happened to cause you concern? What sounds are being made by the vehicle? Do these issues happen all the time or only at particular times? Read on to learn some of the most common car ailments that can clue you in to your car’s need for a repair shop tune up.

The Top 5 Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

1. The engine misfires.
Old spark plugs, or those that have gone bad, can ignite at the wrong time causing difficulty starting, slow acceleration, and low fuel economy.

2. Your air filter needs to be replaced.
Tests conducted by the EPA show that dirty air filters, especially those in cars driven in higher pollution areas, are a leading cause for poor acceleration and loss of performance. If it has been a year or two since the engine air filter was changed, and your car moves more like a sloth than a cheetah, it may be time to give your mechanic a call.

3. Your check engine light came on.
This ominous image that pops on at you from your dashboard almost always means a trip to the mechanic is in order. This light comes on for a variety of reasons, but your repair shop can quickly and easily run diagnostics and find the culprit.

4. Your oxygen sensor is past its prime.
When an oxygen sensor goes bad, it can cause confusion in the car’s computer system. This can cause a variety of issues including triggering the check engine light and lowering your fuel economy.

5. Low fuel quality has taken its toll on your engine.
If your car feels sluggish, doesn’t drive smoothly, and gets bad gas mileage, low quality gas or contaminants making their way into your gas tank can cause engine deposits resulting in many different unpleasant car symptoms. A fuel system cleaning can clear these issues up, as well as regular use of a fuel additive. Your mechanic can help you figure out which methods will work best for your car.

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